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All of us have made good friends though the internet - friends we may have never met otherwise. This page is dedicated to some of mine and IF you don't see your picture here, then it means you had better send me one! Without the net, I may have never run across some of these great people!

Oh, yeah, these are in no order of importance!!!

This is Rob, Daniel and Tim from Ohio. Dang, how did I meet them?

This is XOH from England. We "met" on the Excite message boards. Very gallant!

This is Icarus/Tesseran...a very intelligent and gifted writer and so sweet!

This is Smash and his wife Tandy. I also met them in the ranch. Smashie is a big ol' flirt!!They are great.

I had to debate whether to put her on family or friends. She is a cousin but is also active on the net. This is InternetVixen a.k.a. Flowers.

Another cousin, FoxyLady30...a nut from the same family tree!!

Flowers daughter - DizzyFlowers and she lives up to the name, y'all!!

MsGoof2U and her adorable kids from Ohio! This is my BRAT Buddy!

Orbi from South Africa. They just don't come much sweeter than this one!

Fireman68 and his son from Southern California. One of the first and best friends I made on the net.

Kraus from New York who says "What is a grit?"

Aussie_1952 from Austraila...I hear he plays a mean game of poker!

This is JoeA from Southern California. I met him on the Excite Message Boards at a cozy little place called "Chloe's Cafe".

This is Karron from Oklahoma.