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More Net Friends!

This is Mel and Oops from New York. They are friend's of my mom that I met this past summer. I love 'em!! Even if Mel does take my parking spot...

This is Bellona...a sweet and caring friend I met on the Excite Message Boards.
Jeff from Georgia...good looks and personality too!!!

This is Angel from Texas and we became friends in a Yahoo chat room called "The Ranch".

Fahim from Georgia - who taught me about building home pages. Thanks!!

Topcat from Alabama! My ICQ Buddy.

Sedona on her wedding day...another friend from the Excite Message Boards.

This is NurseVertigo from Indiana... another friend also from the Excite Message Boards. See the kind of great people you meet there??? You should try it!

This is Vertigos ultrasound pics! Maybe she will send one when the pods emerge! :) Boy on top - girl on bottom!