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When I Call Your Name (Vince Gill)

I rushed home from work like I always do-I spend my whole day just thinking of you.
When I walked through the front door my whole life was changed 'cause nobody answered when I called your name.

The note on the table that told me good-bye - said you'd grown weary of living a lie.
Oh, your love has ended but mine still remains but nobody answers when I call your name.

Oh the lonely sound of my voice calling is driving me insane. And just like rain the tears keep fallin'....but nobody answers when I call your name.

Hat Full of Rain (Ty Herndon)

I been riding through the storm feeling weary and forlorn - outside the shelter of your tender arms.
It's been 40 days and nights since we said our last good-byes. And there ain't a single rainbow in sight.

The sky keeps on crying...I keep calling out your name. Can't find the will to keep on trying. I got a heart full of sorrow and a hat full of rain.

I'm soaked clear to the skin, there's a cold chill setting in. This old Harley's shaking like a willow in the wind.

I've been up and down the coast - running from those ghosts. It's the good memories that hurt the most.

Don't Touch Me (as done by Lorrie Morgan)

Your hand is like a torch each time you touch me. That look in your eyes pulls me apart.
Don't open the door to Heaven if I can't come in. Don't touch me if you don't love me, sweetheart.

Your kiss is like a drink when I'm thirsty....and I'm thirsty for you with all of my heart.
Don't love me then act as though we've never kissed. Don't touch me if you don't love me , sweetheart.

Don't give me something that you might take away. To have you then lose you wouldn't be smart on my part.....

Like We Never Had A Broken Heart (Trisha Yearwood)

Don't be afraid to hold me tight - you know I won't break in two. What we're doing here tonight sure beats what we're going through. We've both loved and lost before...we know the sadness it can bring. Tonight let's close the door and hold on to the nearest thing. Let's keep hanging on so we won't fall apart. Let's make love tonight like we never had a broken heart.>

Don't be afraid to close your eyes pretend I'm someone that you love. And I won't have to tell you lies 'cause it's not you I'm thinking of. Let's keep hanging on so we won't fall apart. Let's make love tonight like we never had a broken heart.

Tonight we'll just pretend we've been in love right from the start. Let's make love again like we never had a broken heart.

King Of The Mountain (George Strait)

I gave her that diamond she dreamed of. And I bought her a home with a view. I took her to the end of the rainbow. But all I left her was blue. Seems I never had time to love her. Now it seems time just stands still. I thought I was king of the mountain but I was only a fool on the hill.

Now I'm here alone after leaving her lonely. Lord I'm living with a memory I know I can't kill. I thought I was king of the mountain but I was only a fool on the hill.

Never Again, Again (Lee Ann Wommack)

Never again, again. Once more I let you back in. I know how the story ends but I can't help myself. You'll break my heart , I know. Through my tears I'll watch you go then just like it's always been, I'll say never again, again.

Each time you leave I say I've had enough but I must be addicted to your kind of love. I swear to myself I'm gonna stand my ground but one look at you breaks my defenses down and here comes never again again

Blue Moon(Toby Keith)

Day by day we let love just slip away and I'll be the first to say I was glad to see it go and day by day ever since you went away, I find that I'm still missing you and I just got to know...

Does that blue moon ever shine on you? I want to hold you close to me - feel just like it used to be and baby if you feel like I do - you can come to me...does that blue moon ever shine on you?

On my mind, you were right there all the time - I could search and never find someone who does me like you do. Here's the part where I'm giving you my heart . I was a fool to let you go, girl, I just got to know...

Night after night I look to the stars wondering where you might be...then I thought to myself is that very same moon shining on you like it's shining on me?

I'll Think Of Something (Mark Chestnutt)

I don't know how I'll get her off my mind but give time and I'll think of something. Now I can't say today that I'm all right but by tonight I'll think of something. I'll find so many things to do that I won't have the time to think of her and if she's still on my mind, I'll try to drink enough to drown the hurt and if that don't work - I'll think of something.

Where do I go for love that I still need now that I'm free? I'll think of something. And if some day by accident we meet and I can't speak, well, I'll think of something. If I can't say a word to her I'll blame it on this lump that's in my throat and standing there what will I do to hide my love enough that it don't show...oh, I don't know but I'll think of something.

Some Fools Never Learn (Steve Warner)

All my friends say I should leave you alone 'cause you've got a heart like a stone and a wandering eye and I know that they're right. I can make up my mind not to see you again but you move like my dreams like the wind. It's no good to pretend that it won't happen again 'cause it'll happen again...

Some fools never learn. Play with the fire and you're gonna get burned. It's only love when you're loved in return. Some fools never learn.

And, baby, I tried but I'm just not that strong. Yes, I knew all along but that's not enough. I was falling in love and you don't know it but I came over tonight - there was somebody's car parked outside. Damn my eyes. Damn this heart of mine. I drove off into the night...some fools never learn.

Could Have Been (Tiffany)

The flowers you gave me are just about to die. When I think about what coulda been - makes me want to cry. The sweet words you whispered didn't mean a thing. I guess our song is over as we begin to sing....

Coulda been so beautiful, coulda been so right....coulda been my lover every day of my life...coulda been so beautiful...coulda been so right...I'll never hold what could have been on a cold and lonely night.

The memories of our loving still linger in the air - like the faded scent or your roses- stay with me everywhere. Everytime I get my hopes up, they always seem to fall. Still, what could have been is better than what could never be at all...

Crazy (Patsy Cline)

Crazy....I'm crazy for feeling so lonely. I'm crazy - crazy for feeling so blue. I knew you'd love me as long as you wanted and then someday you'd leave me for somebody new.

Worry...why do I let myself worry...wondering what in the world did I do? Oh, crazy...for thinking that my love could hold you. I'm crazy for trying and crazy for crying and I'm crazy for loving you.

Ghost In This House (Shenedoah)

I don't pick up the mail, I don't pick up the phone. I don't answer the door - I'd just as soon be alone. I don't keep this place up. I just keep the lights down. I don't live in these rooms, I just rattle around.

I'm just a ghost in this house. I'm just a shadow upon these walls. As quietly as a mouse, I haunt these halls. I'm just a whisper of smoke. I'm all that's left of two hearts on fire....that once burned out of control, took my body and soul - I'm just a ghost in this house.

I don't mind if it rains, I don't care if it's clear. I don't mind staying in - there's another ghost here. She sits down in your chair and she shines with your light...and she lays down her head on your pillow at night...

I'm just a ghost in this house. I'm just a shell of the man I was. Living proof of the damage heartbreak does. I'm just a whisper of smoke - I'm all that's left of two hearts on fire - that once burnt out of control - took my body and soul. I'm just a ghost in this house.

Almost Over You (Lila McCan)

I saw an old friend of ours today...she asked about you and I didn't quite know what to say. Heard you'd been making the rounds 'round here while I'm trying to make tears disappear.

Now I'm almost over you. I've almost shook these blues. When you come back around after painting the town - you'll see I'm almost over you.

I can forgive you and soon I'll forget all my shallow dreams. You took the love that you wanted and left me the misery...

I Fall To Pieces (Patsy Cline)

I fall to pieces each time I see you again. I fall to pieces how can I be just your friend? You want me to act like we never kissed - you want me to forget -pretend we've never met. And I've tried and I've tried but I haven't yet. You walk by and I fall to pieces.

I fall to pieces each time someone speaks your name. I fall to pieces ...time only adds to the flame. You tell me to find someone else to love...someone who'll love too, the way you used to do. But each time I go out without someone walk by and I fall to pieces.