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Words To Hurtin' Songs

Nothing helps a bad heartache like a good hurtin' song. The following pages hold words to some of the finest! You will see the list of songs and underneath, click the "go to" button to go to that page and view the lyrics...Enjoy.

Songs On This Page (In Order):

1. When I call Your Name
2. Hat Full Of Rain
3. Don't Touch Me
4. Like We Never Had A Broken Heart
5. King of the Mountain
6. Never Again, Again
7. Blue Moon
8. I'll Think Of Something
9. Some Fools Never Learn
10. Could Have Been
11. Crazy
12. Ghost In This House
13. Almost Over You
14. Crazy

1. D I V O R C E
2. Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain
3. Dreamin' Out Loud
4. Nobody Knows
5. Last Date
6. Sweet Dreams
7. Fools Like Us
8. Three Cigerettes In An Ashtray
9. Since I Fell For You
10. Anymore
11. Til I Get It Right
12. He Stopped Loving Her Today

1. Faded Love
2. Where Does My Heart Beat Now
3. Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word
4. Back Among The Living
5. What She's Doing Now
6. Today All Over Again
7. You Don't Even Know Who I Am
8. You Can't Make A Heart Love Somebody