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Sweetest Day

This is from the card that Tim gave me for Sweetest Day, Oct.17, 1998

How can I show you that I love you on Sweetest Day?

I could write romantic poetry
if I could think up rhymes....

Tattoo "I love you" on my butt
about a million times.

I'd swim the deepest ocean
(If I wasn't scared of sharks).

Carve our initials on a tree?
What? And vandalize our parks?

I'd climb the highest mountain
If you'd drive me to Tibet.

Reenact our love with puppets....
No, that's my dumbest idea yet!

Jeeze..this is going badly-
It's like my brain is stuck.

Just believe I love you -
Now let's go someplace and.........

See??? I told you I was bad with rhymes!