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George W. Johnson

October 28, 2000

Now and then an old friend of mine
that I have not seen for some time
will stop by and ask me where've I been
whats on my mind.

They wonder why I'm not drinking
and still painting this old town red.
I tell them I'm serving Jesus now
and the old man is dead.

And the man you see before you
may look a lot the same -
I may wear the same clothes
and have the same old name...
But your looking on the outside
if you could see inside instead,
you would see a brand new man
cause the old man is dead.

I used to live such a wicked life.
I had no hope inside.
I was lost in darkness,
searching for the light.

Then one night in a little church,
after hearing what the preacher said
I gave my life to Jesus
and the old man was dead.

(as sung by Del Way)

Uncle George died of cancer..a disease which kills your spirit as well as your body sometimes. But he found the strength to face the cancer because of his faith in Jesus and his assurance in where he would spend eternity.

The song "The Old Man Is Dead" had become Uncle George's personal testimony for the last couple of years of his life. At his funeral, a recording of him singing that very song was played. Some thought it odd, some cried, some thought it perfect. So did I.