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When I first started this page, I was enthralled with the movie, Titanic. As my interest grew, I began to search the web for sites about the original ship - not just movie related. I became fascinated with this story as are many others. I have brought some photos here. These photos and information are from various sites around the web...there are some fantastic sites out there.

Discovery of this gentleman amazed me, because I had never heard of him. This is Major Archibald W. Butt. He was an aide to President Taft and a Hero aboard the Titanic. He was also from Augusta, Georgia. There is also a Memorial Bridge to him in Augusta that I have been over hundreds of times, read the name and never realized who exactly this man was. It is said that he eagerly assisted the crew and helped women and children into lifeboats during the sinking. He was called a hero by survivors. His remains were never recovered.

This is supposedly one of the last photographs taken of the Titanic after she set sail.

The Grand Staircase on the Titanic.

The bow of the Titanic today.

This is a gold pin that was recovered in 1987 in a bag of valuables.

Captain Edward John Smith died in the sinking. What is interesting is that no one knows exactly how or where he was although , in my searches, I have read several different accounts of what supposedly happened to him and all were different.

Actual porthole from the ship.

A Stewards jacket.

Two lamps still hanging from their cords as taken underwater.

Two rings that were recovered in a bag of other valuables.

Headlines from a newspaper with pictures of survivors.