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"When A Man Loves A Woman"

My Family

Poppy and Tim

Me and one of my very best friends, Robin.She counts as family!

This is my daughter Marla and her cousin Tim.

This is my mom - ISparrow.

This is my dad. Technically he is my step-father but in my heart he is my one and only dad. Guess what he does in his spare time? Right - FISH!!

My brother, Gene. He is a bass player - a wonderful musican and a BRAT but I love him.

Darrianne's Senior Picture. 1981....gads...

My sister, TRose. Tyler and Tim are hers.
TRose with husband, Mike

Oh, my gosh!! How on earth did he get in here?? He doesn't look like any of my family (LOL) I think his name is PIHC!!!!

Marla at 7 months.

I wonder if all Tim's are this cute when they sleep?

My step-sister. She's not on the internet so I won't give her real name :)

Another cousin, Sneezy31.

Darrianne in the first grade....

Darrianne, Uncle Wyncell and T_Rose.