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April 16, 1998

Today would have been the birthday of Selena Q. Perez, the Mexican-American singer who was murdered in 1995 by her fan club president and "friend". I just watched the movie which came out a couple of years should see it if you get a chance. I was never much of a fan of "Tejano" music and confess I had never even heard of her until her death. But she had a beautiful voice and great songs.

Also, Patsy Cline should really visit Lisa (The Homesick Texans) site if you haven't already. She has a lot of new and interesting things added....I was there today. Great job, Lisa! The link is :

March 30, 1998

Gee...I haven't babbled in that is unusual. Today, boys and girls, I want to tell you about Excite communities. It is a message board type chat area where you can post messages, photos, favorite URL's, etc. Of course I have created my own community there and I would like to invite you, dear reader, to check it out and join if you like! Click here!

December 13,1998

You have all heard the You Might Be a Redneck If.....jokes. Well, here is the Redneck Revenge......thanks , Mack, for sharing!!

You might be a Yankee if:
1. You think Heinz Ketchup is spicy.
2. The sound of Fran Drescher's voice doesn't bother you.
3. You've watched the movie Deliverance and you're afraid to ever go on a camping trip.
4. For breakfast, you'd rather have potatoes than grits.
5. You can name at least four hockey teams.
6. You don't know what a Moon Pie is.
7. You've never eaten okra.
8. You wonder why people in restaurants don't talk as loud as you do.
9. You've never planned your vacation around a gun and knife show.
10. You don't have any problem pronouncing "Worcestershire Sauce".
11. You've never had grain alcohol.
12. You're familiar with all the rules to Lacrosse.
13. You have no idea what a "polecat" is.
14. Whenever someone tells an off-color joke about farm animals, it goes over your head.
15. You don't see anything wrong with putting a sweater on a poodle.
16. You don't have bangs.
17. You'd rather vacation at Martha's Vineyard than Six Flags.
18. You don't have at least one can of WD-40 somewhere around the house.
19. You would rather have your son become a lawyer than grow up to get his own fishing show on TV.
20. You refer to two or more people as "you guys".
21. You think that more money should go to important scientific research at your university than to pay the salary of the head football coach.
22. You prefer bagels to donuts.
23. Most of your formative high school sexual experiences took place within the context of a football game.
24. You don't know anyone with two first names (e.g., Joe Bob, Billy Bob, Kay Bob, Bob Bob, etc.)
25. You get freaked out when people in public talk to you.
26. None of your fur coats are made with real fur.
27. You've never been to a Piggly-Wiggly.
28. You think NASCAR stands for the North American Society for ... (whatever).
29. You eat fried chicken with a knife and fork.
30. Your idea of a perfect meal is "Lahbsta and Clam Chawdah".
31. You use the horn in your car more than once or twice a year.
32. Everything you know about the Civil War you learned watching TV.
33. You think you won the Civil War.
34. You don't "reckon".
35. You're not "fixin'" to do anything.

November 24, 1998

It is almost Thanksgiving once again and there are many things I am thankful for. But there are many people that I am forever grateful to and thankful for. I feel oh so compelled to share the names with you here:

1. My family, especially Mama and Donnie, who love me and miss me even though I am four states away now.

2. Tim. I love him and would be lost without him.

3. Marla. Quite possibly the only thing that I have ever done right!

4. My internet friends. Especially those of you from the Excite Message Boards. Always there, never judgemental.

5. Janet, Timmy Ray, Autumn, Andy, Debbie, Rick, Mark, Dave, Barb, Rusty, Zach, Joanne,Russell, Christa, Daniel, and Kelly. My Ohio Family.

6. Whoever invented chocolate.

November 7, 1998
LMAO...this was sent to me in email....scary thing is, I CAN identify with more than half!!! and I was born in the 60's.....

- You know what a "burnout" is.
- You know what "Sike" means.
- You know the profound meaning of "Wax on, Wax off".
- You know that another name for a keyboard is a"Synthesizer".
- You wanted to be a Goonie.
- You know who Max Headroom is.
- You ever wore flourescent, neon if you will, clothing.
- You could breakdance, or wish you could.
- You wanted to be The Hulk for Halloween.
- Partying "like it's 1999" seemed SO far away.
- You wanted to be on StarSearch.
- You can remember what Michael Jackson looked like before his nose fell off.
- You wore a banana clip at some point during your youth, or knew someone who did.
- You knew what Willis was "talkin' 'bout".
- You HAD to have your MTV
- You hold a special place in your heart for "Back to the Future".
- You thought Molly Ringwald was REALLY cool.
- You actually thought "Dirty Dancing" was a REALLY good movie.
- You heard of Garbage Pail Kids.
- You knew "The Artist" when he was humbly called "Prince".
- You remember when ATARI was a state of the art video game system.
- You own any cassettes.
- You were led to believe that in the year 2000 we'd all be living on the moon.
- You remember And/or own any of the CareBear Glass collection from Pizza Hut.
- Or any other stupid collection they came out with.
- Poltergeist freaked you out.
- You carried your lunch to school in a Gremlins or an ET lunchbox.
- You have ever pondered why Smurfette was the ONLY female smurf.
- You know what a Doozer is.
- You wore biker shorts underneath a short skirt and felt stylish, or knew someone who did.
- You ever had a Swatch Watch.
- You can name 1/2 the members of Duran Duran
- You remember when Saturday Night Live was funny.
- You had WonderWoman or Superman underoos.
- You know what a "Whammee" is.
- You had a crush on Jon Bon Jovi, or knew someone who did.

An Open Letter To The Guy Who Left The "Letter" In My Guestbook (October 23, 1998)

Around the first of this month, before I even wrote my first babble on Guestbooks, some one thought they were doing me a favor by leaving a half page message in my Guestbook about everything that was wrong with my site. While he had some valid points, there were many things that he said that TOTALLY ticked me off. I shall respond to them now:

1. "Your page takes WAY too long to load". MY RESPONSE: Why, it takes awhile, yes. But there is a note to that effect first thing on the page. Besides, if you are in that big of a hurry, the little "x" at the top right hand corner of your screen will get you right out of here.

2."You have a counter on your page that needs to be taken off. No one cares how many people have been to your page except you."........MY RESPONSE: Kiss my ass.

3. "Lake applets take too long to load and more than one is unnecessary." MY RESPONSE: Kiss my ass again. But, there is only one lake applet on the main page. And, genius, if you click the button that says "Lake Applets", what do you really expect to be there? Don't wanna see them? DON'T CLICK THERE!!!

4. "Why would you put the words to a song on the front page when the song has nothing to do with your page?"......MY RESPONSE: Why would you even waste your time going through my whole page if it obviously gets on your nerves so bad? And the song of the week stays there because this is MY web page and I LIKE IT!!!! And, if I hear any more from you, I will put THREE songs on the front page.

October 18, 1998
Well, now, a page just for me to speak my mind! Of course, those of you who aren't interested in hearing me babble, use your "back" button now. For those of you who are left......

I intend to use this forum....hmmmmmmm...I really don't know what for. I guess you will just have to come back and see. Maybe I will tell dirty jokes or maybe I will gripe about whatever is on my mind. It is my page after all and no one is making you read this.

I have been working on my home page for about 7 months now. It has been a lot of fun and through my Guestbook (which I am sure you have ALREADY signed) I have met many interesting people and had the opportunity to visit many fantastic personal home pages.

And speaking of Guestbooks....let's discuss that. Are there rules for Guestbook Etiquette? If not, there should be....and here , now, are a few rules that should be included:
1. If you do not like the page, do not say so in the Guestbook unless the owner specifically asks you. Nothing is more disheartening - especially to a newcomer - than to read the Guestbook and there be 6 parapgraphs of how her page sucks. Hey, we all had to start somewhere and learn! Home pages are for the Home Pager to express him or herself however they see fit. Let them learn and grow without all of your snide comments. However, a polite and helpful email is almost always welcomed.

2. DO NOT embed music in a guestbook. This is just rude...especially if the owner already has music embeded.

3. Those annoying mouse-over banners - JUST SAY NO! You know, when you move your cursor over the banner, it automatically takes you to that page. I know that some people like them but it is so annoying to be happily reading your own guestbook and suddenly find this page loading....

I am sure there are more rules that should be included here but far be it from me to make all the rules.

Go now and finish exploring my page. See what you can find to gripe about in the Guestbook - NOT!