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My Babble

Newest Babble posted first.....

October 19, 2000

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Week. Get your mammogram! Enough said.

March 21,2000

Boys and is truly a sad day. Over the week-end, I visited the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland , Ohio. I was disappointed as a Southerner...hold on to your hats... and as an Elvis fan. There is not one exhibit to the King of Rock and Roll. Oh, to be sure, he is mentioned a couple of times and there are a few (I stress few) photos but no exhibit of his own. There is, joy o joy, a shirt worn by Brittany Spears and and, oh yes, some pants? shoes? something of the Back Street Boys.

There are exhibits to Tina Turner, Allman Brothers and 2 floors dedicated to Hip-Hop and Rap. Note: In no way do I mean to demean these artists or styles of music. I love Tina and the Allman Brothers. Most hip-hop doesn't trip my trigger but each to his own.

No Elvis. So, I ask our ticket taker lady and she says there is no exhibit. (I was sure in my excitement to see everything, I had just overlooked it!) She says that they had one back in the summer but it was on loan from Graceland and they had sent it back. I then asked (pointless but I did) why didn't the Hall of Fame itself provide some sort of exhibit. She said "I don't know."

Well, me neither. But it is a damn shame. However, if you do visit the RRHOF, and do venture into the hip-hop and rap section, take special note of the tee shirt that reads in huge black letters: KILL ALL THE WHITE PEOPLE and the one that proclaims: WHITE IS SOUR - LONG LIVE BLACK POWER. And then go and tell all those southerners once again why they have to do away with the Confederate Flag because it offends some people. I was more than offended by these displays, I was outraged.

Reckon I could get someone to burn them for me??

August 27, 1999
Well, summer is almost over. Ours was a good one. I can't believe school will be starting here Monday. One of my favorite things used to be when it was time to shop for new school supplies, clothes, shoes, etc! Which brings me to my babble this time-----

The other day, where I work, a customer stood in line and I overheard a conversation with her friend. Apparently, her friend wanted to borrow $10 and after some debate, she handed over the money and said "You got to pay me back though. That's all I have left of my boy's school supply money." The friend asked what else she had left to buy and she said "I ain't bought none." and laughed. The she commented..."Shit, the school needs to pay for it."

I thought about that for a long time after they had left (to go and purchase lottery tickets) and wondered about the poor boy who's mom is so unconcerned about his educational supplies. And we wonder why kids today are so belligerent and rude...why they just don't seem to give a damn about anything. Why should they? Their parents don't. They are only living what they had learned.

April 26, 1999

Today would have been Granny's 92nd birthday but we lost her in 1997. And I cannot tell you how much I miss her....words do not describe. But, I can tell you this. If your Granny is still alive, give her a hug and kiss and tell her how much you love and appreciate her. And that is all I have to say about that.